SCAN @ MK Gallery


Scan is the first in a series of one-night-only exhibitions taking place at MK Gallery in Milton Keynes which aim to bring together, or to ‘scan’ over recent activities undertaken by Office for Art, Design and Technology.

This first instalment in the Scan series gathers work produced during or developed as a result of a selection of our recent projects including:

Post-Modern Plant Life 2
Offset Weaving
Nomadic Village
Coding Camo

Whilst several of these works will adopt traditional, static forms, many are performative, participatory or time based and when viewed together, or in succession they take on the ferocity and immersion of digital culture in all of its high speed intensity.


By presenting practices as diverse as live coding, wet process photography, cyborg performance, tapestries, HD Video and furniture making, Scan seeks to be as accessible, eclectic and ubiquitous as the world wide web.

Entry is FREE and there will be a cash bar.

You can confirm your attendance on Facebook here.
And find information on the MK Gallery website here.

Author: Ryan Hughes

I was born in Munster (Germany) in 1987 and came to the UK in 1989. I studied Graphic Design at Warwickshire School of Arts and then Fine Art at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and now work nationally and internationally from the West Midlands. My practice is embedded deep within a web of aesthetic minimalism, social media use and mis-use, global communication and it often speaks in an approximation of the language of much corporate signage and advertising, yet it is not using the same dialect that capital does. There is a subversive, political slur to the way I use this language. Content is stolen, remixed and re-distributed and production is often collaborative.