Live Code Workshop @ Rope Press

We are hosting a Live Code Workshop at Rope Press in Birmingham on 15/10/16 from 11am to 3pm.

So before you decide to jump head first into trading binary options, make sure you do your research and find out what your broker’s payout rates and conditions are!

This workshop will teach the basics of computer coding for visual artists, performers and designers. Using a freely accessible online environment and an incredibly simple language this workshop is aimed at first time coders.

This workshop is led by Ryan Hughes, he has recently made live coded performances at MK Gallery and Heartbreak Productions and has led workshops with the support of Warwick District Council and Coventry City Council.

This workshop is limited to 10 places. Each place costs £10.00 to be paid on arrival and includes refreshments. At the time of writing 2 places have been booked.

Please email to confirm you place.

You can also confirm your attendance or interest at:

SCAN @ MK Gallery


Scan is the first in a series of one-night-only exhibitions taking place at MK Gallery in Milton Keynes which aim to bring together, or to ‘scan’ over recent activities undertaken by Office for Art, Design and Technology.

This first instalment in the Scan series gathers work produced during or developed as a result of a selection of our recent projects including:

Post-Modern Plant Life 2
Offset Weaving
Nomadic Village
Coding Camo

Whilst several of these works will adopt traditional, static forms, many are performative, participatory or time based and when viewed together, or in succession they take on the ferocity and immersion of digital culture in all of its high speed intensity.


By presenting practices as diverse as live coding, wet process photography, cyborg performance, tapestries, HD Video and furniture making, Scan seeks to be as accessible, eclectic and ubiquitous as the world wide web.

Entry is FREE and there will be a cash bar.

You can confirm your attendance on Facebook here.
And find information on the MK Gallery website here.

#ArtistsCompute2016 Full Timetable

#ArtistsCompute2016 Festival is approaching, to help you make the most of your visit we’ve prepared this timetable which cover’s (almost) all of the events, exhibitions and activities which you’ll be able to engage in!

A PDF of this timetable can be downloaded at: #ArtistsCompute2016 Full Timetable

You can let us know that your coming along in advance by using the Facebook event page here.


#ArtistsCompute2016 Festival

#ArtistsCompute2016 FB Image

Having recognised that computers have changed society beyond measure #ArtistsCompute2016 Festival is dedicated to mapping, presenting, probing and escalating this impact.

#ArtistsCompute2016 Festival will happen at multiple venues in Coventry from the 9th September through until 11th September 2016 with support from Coventry City Council’s Arts Development Service.

At the centre of this festival is a large group exhibition featuring artworks by:

EVOL (Barcelona ES)
Delaware (Takasaki JPN)
Imogen Frost (Leamington Spa UK)
Simon Poulter (Plymouth UK)
Greg Herbert (Liverpool UK)
Michael Lightborne (Birmingham UK)
Jake Watts (Glasgow UK)
Zan Dani (Belfast UK)
Chema Padilla (Mexico City MX)
Ollie Ma (Nottingham UK)
Nina Coulson (Worcester UK)
Chris Hodson (Worcester UK)
Emily Roderick (London UK)

The festival will additionally feature an expansive series of events including talks, workshops, performances, screenings, parties and a networking breakfast. To deliver these events we will be working in collaboration with:

The Radius.US (Chicago USA)
Ryan Hughes (Birmingham UK)
Rafael Rozendaal / BYOB Worldwide (New York USA)
Antonio Roberts (Birmingham UK)
Mona Casey (Birmingham UK)
8 Bit Lounge (Birmingham UK)
Lev Manovich & Andreas Kratky (New York USA & Berlin DE)
Laurence Price (Birmingham UK)

And many more TBA…


Many of these activities will unfold IRL at venues including City Arcadia Gallery, Shop Front Theatre, the Office for Art, Design and Technology Studio and Coventry Fab Lab whilst others will exist in various spaces online.

A full, detailed timetable of activities will be uploaded to this website on 1st September 2016.

Additional information will be leaked on the dedicated Facebook event pages here and here.

Camouflage Season

A camoufleur is a person who designed and implemented military camouflage in one of the world wars of the twentieth century.’ (Wikipedia)
Antonio Roberts & Lucy Hutchinson Film StillThroughout August and September, Office for Art, Design and Technology will present a series of activities exploring camouflage and how it relates to contemporary, digital cultures. These activities are taking place in Leamington Spa as a part of the town’s Camo Festival and Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum’s temporary exhibition, Concealment and Deception.

During World War 2, a group of artists were based in the town and given the task of developing new techniques for hiding military equipment, vehicles and even whole towns and cities. Office for Art, Design and Technology’s Camouflage Season questions what kinds of activities would this group of artists be undertaking today, in the age of Big Data, ubiquitous Wi-Fi and so called smart devices.

The Camouflage Season comprises of 3 separate but related activities:
%22Drone Shadow (Digbeth)%22 Photo by Antonio Roberts
“Drone Shadow” Hidden Location 1st August – 30th September:

Installed in a hidden location in the town will be an installation by Athens based, British artist James Bridle. This installation presents a 1:1 representation of a drone, conveying both the physicality and apparent invisibility of drone aircraft. When thinking about drone’s,  James has pointed out “that most people have never seen one IRL (in real life), their very point is invisibility.” FREE Entry // Outdoors

Further information on the “Drone Shadow” project can be found here.
“Coding Camo” Heartbreak Productions 27th August:

10 emerging artists, selected via an open call, will present a collaborative, live coded performance after spending 4 days together and with leading digital artists from around the UK learning how to write creative computer code. FREE Entry (Donations Welcome) // Donations Bar // 18:00 – 22:00

To participate in Coding Camo, follow this link.
Ryan Hughes & Michael Lightborne Performance
“The Disruptive/Disrupted Pattern” Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum 23rd September:

Temporarily introducing new artwork into the Concealment and Deception exhibition as well as into other areas of the Royal Pump Rooms, this event features a new installation by Antonio Roberts and Lucy Hutchinson, a performance by Ryan Hughes and Michael Lightborne and a special screening of “RSG-Black-1” by New York based group, RSGFREE Entry (Donations Welcome) // Cash Bar // 18:00 – 21:30

Search #CamouflageSeason on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Nomadic Village // Pentref Crwydrol

A local myth suggests that those who sleep upon the slopes of Cader Idris will awaken either mad or a poet. Office for Art, Design and Technology is taking its Professional Development Cohort to the peak of this remote, Welsh Mountain to complete an intensive 2 day group residency. This group of emerging artists are collectively willing to take this gamble, to risk either madness or inspiration.

Nomadic Village image

Increasingly, we are told, that if we are not uploading our everyday data to the Internet, if we are not providing documentation of our every move, then it has not happened.

Maybe you’ve just had a gourmet dining experience, if you didn’t post an image of it to Instagram then it never actually happened. Maybe your cat got scared of a cucumber, if you didn’t tweet about it and share the link to the video that you put of it on YouTube then it never actually happened.

If you are an emerging artist and you are completing a residency with no concluding exhibition and you haven’t been sharing your progress online, then likewise, it never actually happened.

But what if an electricity supply wasn’t available? What if there was no phone signal? What if you only had the most basic of provisions?

Following on from Post-Modern Plant Life 2, a previous residency which took place in a botanical gardens in Leamington Spa, we will attempt to discover how and if the works and ideas produced within that artificial space can be transferred into a truly, unmediated, natural space.

The Professional Development Cohort will be joined on this residency by our lead artist, Ryan Hughes as well as by Warwickshire based Landscape Photographer Justin Haynes who will be capturing digital, film and pinhole photographs of the stunning surroundings of Cader Idris.

Will google maps actually assist us? Can we survive two days without playing Angry Birds? Will our phone batteries last the duration?

Use the following hashtags on Instagram and Twitter through the 25th and 26th June to find out:


Random String Symposium and City Arcadia Festival

Throughout June we will be participating in a pair of exciting activities in Coventry; the first of these, taking place on Friday the 10th is Ludic RoomsRandom String Symposium at Warwick Arts Centre. During this symposium, our lead artist, Ryan Hughes will sit on a panel called Do you remember the first time? which will be chaired by Debbie Adele Cooper and will also feature Dan Hett and Julia O’Connell.

In addition to this panel, Random String will feature work by Antonio Roberts who, later in the year, will be presenting work he’s making with Lucy Hutchinson as a part of our #CamouflageSeason 

Following this we will be releasing a new publication, printed by Rope Press and published by Coventry Artspace Partnerships, focusing on the R&D which led up to the launch of Office for Art, Design and Technology. This will be available as a part of the City Arcadia Festival which runs from the 22nd of June until the 7th of July. We will also be presenting our limited edition print codeWork and delivering a talk as a part of this festival.

Tickets for the Random String Symposium can be purchased here.
The City Arcadia Festival is FREE to attend.