09/09/16 – 30/09/16 Scroll down for documentation

Essay by Jake Watts published by This is Tomorrow.

A 3 day festival and month long exhibition exploring the impact computers have had on cultural production. During the 3 days of the festival there were events, ranging from talks and workshops to screenings and performances, at least every hour.

Lev Manovich (Screening)
Andreas Kratky (Screening)
8 Bit Lounge (Party)
Bring your own Beamer (Party)
Antonio Roberts (Workshop Leader & Exhibitor)
James Chinneck (Exhibitor via Radius.US)
Emily Roderick (Speaker & Performance)
Gregory Herbert (Exhibitor)
Ryan Hughes (Workshop Leader & Exhibitor)
Nicole Mortiboys (Exhibitor)
Mario De Vega (Exhibitor via Radius.US)
Nina Coulson (Exhibitor)
Ollie Ma (Exhibitor)
Michael Lightborne (Speaker & Exhibitor)
Laurence Price (Performance)
Jake Watts (Speaker & Exhibitor)
Christopher Hodson (Exhibitor)
Zan Dani (Speaker & Exhibitor)
Imogen Frost (Exhibitor)
Aly Grimes (Speaker)
Imaginary Forces (Exhibitor via Radius.US)
Chema Padilla (Exhibitor)
EVOL (Exhibitor)
Eva Papamargriti (Exhibitor)
Simon Poulter (Exhibitor)
Delaware (Exhibitor)
Owen Thackeray (Exhibitor)


No boredom, no pain, no routine. from Eva Papamargariti on Vimeo.

This project was generously supported by Coventry City Council, Coventry 2021, Coventry Artspace, Cov FabLab, Shop Front Theatre, Ludic Rooms, Rope Press and Ikea UK.