From January to May 2017 Repeator will undertake a residency with Office for Art, Design and Technology called Repeator:Transmission. Artists Laurence Price and Cathy Wade will work collaboratively and autonomously to research processes and situations through which they can develop and produce a new body of work that will be exhibited in the city.

Repeator focus on the roles of creator and consumer, and are concerned with public space, structure, language, walking and economics. During this residency the artists will critically engage with these subjects and explore the ways in which they have a pertinence to Coventry, a city undergoing major redevelopment and change.

Repeator:Transmission will allow Cathy and Laurence to spend time reflecting on their past activities whilst producing new work through research and engaged practice. Cathy and Laurence have said that they are eager to be undertaking this residency as:

“Office for Art, Design and Technology offers us a unique set of opportunities within the context of the city, we will be exploring methodologies and investigating how we can manifest works and ideas during the residency that employ dialogue and curiosity whilst also considering the subjects that engage us in our collaboration. It’s exciting to have been given the valuable provisions of space and developmental time. Infrastructure is often our context and Office for Art, Design and Technology works correspondingly as a network which allows for interdisciplinary narratives. We are keen to work with the office to develop new conversations and opportunities in order to involve wider audiences and peers.”

During this residency there will be several public facing activities including talks, workshops, performances and exhibitions at various locations both in Coventry and beyond. Details of these public facing activities will follow in a separate press release.

Cathy Wade
Laurence Price

You can follow progress on instagram and twitter during this residency by searching for: